MINNEAPOLIS - With easy access to the trails and creek, living on Minnehaha Parkway has but a few major drawbacks for people like Julie Stenberg.

"But this particular one is really irking," Stenberg said.

Julie and everyone else living on this Minneapolis street can't access the same utility as their neighbors a block away.

"We're not so thrilled with the park board right now," Stenberg said.

US Internet is a Minnetonka-based company building a fiber optic network in Minneapolis. That means internet speeds 10 to 100 times faster than what you can get from the cable company.

But the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board halted the expansion on Minnehaha Pkwy, because the boulevard in front of homes is technically park land.

"Technically it's park land, but people are not playing Frisbee, they're not picnicking here," Stenberg said.

USI execs say they need to run fiber optic cable under the boulevard to the homes. Around the corner, USI paid the city $200 for a permit to expand to Jim Wilbershide's home.

"Rock solid. Never had an outage," Wilbershide said.

But on park land boulevards, permits come at a premium. On an email to USI, a parks board planner estimates a nearly $27,000 permit to run the fiber to Stenberg's house.

"Come on. If I were a business owner, would I say 'go?' No. No way. I mean, we understand that," Stenberg said.

The parks board rejected USI's proposal to access the homes on Minnehaha Pkwy, calling it incomplete.

Parks commissioner Brad Bourn said they are worried that if the underground cable needs to be repaired, digging could damage trees.

The commissioners say they need convincing, if they are to allow USI to service the hundreds of homes along Minnehaha Pkwy and thousands more south of Minnehaha Creek.