CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A woman accused of nearly hitting bicyclists and caught in a fit of rage on camera is now seeking legal counsel.

She's been threatened online and over the phone. Police are now getting involved.

It's the moments leading up to the picture of a driver flipping off bicyclists that has people on social media fired up.

Angela Olson says it was a close call.

"Like when you can feel the hair on your arms kind of close," said Olson. "Comes around the front of us and slams on the brakes, she came all the way over to the curb and then she did it again. It was very intentional she knew exactly what she was doing."

Thirty cyclists were riding two-by-two in south Charlotte. Members of the group went to confront the person behind the wheel.

"'Ma'am you're putting us in danger when you do that,' and she just lost it," said Olson.

After photos from the incident were posted on Facebook, the flood gates opened. More than a thousand likes as well as shares and hundreds of comments.

People figured out who she is and starting sharing her personal information such as where she works, her phone number and even where she lives.

"I think it's important that people watch where they are going and pay attention to the bike lanes, but I also don't think people should have their lives threatened or their job threatened because of it," said Madison Hausch.

"It's a little sad that it happens at that age, too, because you see it in middle school and high school, but to hear that from adults is kind of alarming," said Matt McCurdy.

The woman flipping the bird told NBC Charlotte she received physical threats on Twitter and deactivated her account.

Now she's working with police and seeking legal counsel.

"Her behavior was really unacceptable and for her to do that with the child in the car," said Olson.

"But does she deserve to be threatened in that regard, have her life threatened?" asked NBC Charlotte

"No, absolutely not," replied Olson. "No one deserves to have their life threatened."