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Here's what people searched for in 2021

Did you Google "How to pronounce Dogecoin"? Or maybe "Bernie Sanders mittens"? If so, you're far from alone.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — What was everyone Googling this year? 

Google released its "Year in Search" report Wednesday, summing up all the things people wanted to know in an unforgettable year. 

According to the company's Google Trends newsletter, more people than ever searched "doomscrolling" -- continuing to scroll through bad news even if it's making them depressed or anxious. Also searched more than ever was "how to maintain mental health."

With environmental issues still in the spotlight, Google said searches for "how to conserve" are at their highest point since 2004. 

Money trends

It's no surprise that 2021 had a lot of people thinking about their job situations. Google said more people around the world searched "how to start a business" than "how to get a job." Searches for "how to ask for a raise" were at the top of Google's "How to ask..." searches. 

Cryptocurrency and stocks made plenty of appearances in Google's report. The term people most wanted to know "How to pronounce..." was Dogecoin. Controversial stocks AMC (AMC Theatres) and GME (GameStop) both showed up in the year's top U.S. news searches. 

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Fun stuff

The top meme Americans searched for? "Bernie Sanders mittens" -- a picture of Sen. Bernie Sanders crossing his arms while wearing patterned wooly mittens. The photo sparked endless edits and memes -- and even raised $1.8 million in five days for Vermont charities.

The top U.S. recipe search for 2021 was "TikTok pasta": an Instagram-worthy baked cherry tomato and feta dish. 

Need a music recommendation? Google said the world is searching for "sea shanties" more than ever this year.

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Top five U.S. search terms

For the U.S., the No. 1 search was simple: NBA. It was followed by DMX, an iconic hip-hop artist who died at 50 in April. His album "Exodus" was released posthumously the next month. 

The third most-searched term in the U.S. was Gabby Petito, whose disappearance and death sparked an online whirlwind. Searches for Brian Laundrie, Petito's fiancé, followed at No. 5.

The fourth most-searched term was Kyle Rittenhouse, who was charged and then acquitted in the deadly Kenosha shootings and whose case became a flashpoint in the debate around guns and racial injustice. 

Here are a few of the other categories people in the U.S. wanted to know about. Check out the full list here. 


  1. Mega Millions
  2. AMC Stock
  3. Stimulus Check
  4. Georgia Senate Race
  5. GME


  1. Kyle Rittenhouse
  2. Tiger Woods
  3. Alec Baldwin
  4. Travis Scott
  5. Simone Biles


  1. Alec Baldwin
  2. Pete Davidson
  3. Shailene Woodley
  4. Gina Carano
  5. Armie Hammer


  1. Indie
  2. Dark academia
  3. Cottagecore
  4. Y2K
  5. Sage green


  1. Tiger Woods
  2. Simone Biles
  3. Henry Ruggs III
  4. Odell Beckham Jr.
  5. Aaron Rodgers

"How to be..."

  1. How to be eligible for stimulus check
  2. How to be more attractive 
  3. How to be happy alone 
  4. How to be a baddie 
  5. How to be a good boyfriend

"How to help..."

  1. How to help Afghan refugees
  2. How to help Texas
  3. How to help India COVID
  4. How to help toddler with cough
  5. How to help foster kids

"How to pronounce..."

  • How to pronounce Dogecoin
  • How to pronounce Michael Jackson
  • How to pronounce quinoa
  • How to pronounce Kamala
  • How to pronounce Elon Musk sons name

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"How to style..."

  • How to style straight leg jeans
  • How to style a wolf haircut
  • How to style a corset
  • How to style rings
  • How to style a sweater vest


  1. Bernie Sanders' mittens
  2. Hamster
  3. Twisted tea 
  4. Squid Game
  5. Sheesh

Near me

  1. COVID vaccine near me
  2. COVID testing near me
  3. Movies near me
  4. Bars near me
  5. Bowling near me

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