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What is the line of succession for the British Royal Family?

The way in which one ascends to the throne is a bit complex.

ENGLAND, UK — For centuries, the British Royal Family has been in the spotlight with people enamored by their uniquely lavish lifestyle, weddings, charity work and children. 

But how is the family structured and who is next in line to take over the throne after Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who, at 95 years old, has lived and ruled longer than any monarch in British history? 

Well, it's a bit complex.

The basis for succession was determined in the "constitutional developments" of the 17th century which then led to the 1689 Bill of Rights and the 1701 Act of Settlement.

It was also established, thanks to James II fleeing the country, that Parliament plays a key role in regulating succession to the throne and that misgovernment can lead one to be "deprived" of their title.

Then there's the matter of the Act outlining that "only Protestant descendants of Princess Sophia - the Electress of Hanover and granddaughter of James I - are eligible to succeed," according to the Royal Family's website.

It wouldn't be until 2013, when the Succession to the Crown Act came to be, that the outdated, male-centered practice of a younger son displacing an older daughter from the line of succession was no more. But the new Act only applies to those born after Oct. 28, 2011. 

The 2013 Act also ended the provision that disqualified those who married Roman Catholics from the line of succession.

So, with all of that to consider. Here is the current line of succession, per the Royal Family website:


1. The Prince of Wales

2. The Duke of Cambridge

3. Prince George of Cambridge

4. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

5. Prince Louis of Cambridge

6. The Duke of Sussex

7. Master Archie Mountbatten-Windsor

8. Miss Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor

9. The Duke of York

10. Princess Beatrice, Mrs. Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

11. Miss Sienna Mapelli Mozzi

12. Princess Eugenie, Mrs. Jack Brooksbank

13. Master August Brooksbank

14. The Earl of Wessex

15. Viscount Severn

16. The Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor

17. The Princess Royal

18. Mr. Peter Phillips

19. Miss Savannah Phillips

20. Miss Isla Phillips

21. Mrs. Michael Tindall

22. Miss Mia Tindall

23. Miss Lena Tindall

24. Master Lucas Tindall

You can learn more about the British Royal Family's duties on their official website.

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