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Most Americans against defunding, abolishing police, survey finds

There is nearly unanimous support for making sure officers who abuse their power are punished or lose their jobs.

Fewer than half of Americans support reducing police budgets and redirecting the money to social programs -- what has come to be known as defunding of police -- according to a Gallup panel. Additionally, only 15% support the idea of abolishing police departments altogether.

Overall, 47% of Americans support defunding police, the survey found. Black Americans, Asian Americans, Democrats and people under the age of 50 were among those most likely to support the idea.

As for abolishing police, those age 18-34 were the demographic most likely to say they supported it, but at just 33%.

The panel survey conducted June 23-July 6 found nearly unanimous support for changing management practices so that officers with multiple abuse-of-power incidents can no longer serve. Almost the same number support punishing officers who have abused their power.

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Fifty percent said they supported making it so police officers no longer respond to nonviolent crimes and 56% say police unions should be eliminated.

Most Americans (58%) said major changes are needed to policing in America compared to 36% who said minor changes are needed. A majority of Democrats and independents said major changes were needed while nearly 3/4 of Republicans said minor changes are necessary.

There have been calls for defunding of police as demonstrations continue nationwide following the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police on May 25.

Both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, who will face off in November, have said they do not support defunding police.

Gallup says its panel consists of about 100,000 members.

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