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Candy company looking for a head taste tester

A Canadian candy company is hiring a "Chief Candy Officer" to be the company's official taste tester. The biggest job requirement: eating a lot of candy.
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TORONTO, ON — Calling all people with a serious sweet tooth: your dream job is up for grabs! You could get paid to test thousands of different kinds of candy.

Candy Funhouse, a Canada-based candy company, is hiring a "Chief Candy Officer" to be the company's official taste tester. 

The biggest requirement: eating a lot of candy. 

The Chief Candy Officer will approve all candy in inventory — all 3,500-plus different types, according to the job description — and decide whether or not to award each kind of candy with the official “Chief Candy Officer Stamp of Approval." 

Candy-loving kids shouldn't count themselves out of the running, either. 

"Like the love of candy - the position isn’t bound by age," the job description reads. This sweet gig is open to anyone as young as 5 who is living in North America. 

It's also work-from-home and pays up to $100,000 Canadian dollars (about $78,000 USD) annually.

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No need for job applicants to already be a candy sommelier: Candy Funhouse will provide "extensive palate training" to the candidate — and, perhaps most importantly, a top-notch dental plan. 

There will be some serious candy business involved during that sugar high, though. The Chief Candy Officer is also responsible for leading candy strategy, deciding new products, even running "candy board meetings." 

If you're interested, you can apply for the job online by August 31.

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