As 2017 winds down, Instagram has unveiled its year in review featuring the top moments, trends, celebrities, hashtags and more. And when it comes to Instagram, these pets are the year's top dogs and the coolest cats.

Meet the Top 10 most-followed pets on Instagram in 2017:

10. Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog) 1.6 million followers

ain’t no mountain high ain’t no valley low ain’t no river wide enough, baby

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Loki The Wolfdog lives outside Denver, Colorado, with his owner Kelly Lund. Since 2012 the pair have entertained more than a million Instagram followers with their scenic outdoor adventures.

9. Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) 1.7 million followers.

Something so magical needs no caption, but I wrote one anyway. #lilbub #scienceandmagic #andscarves

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Lil BUB was the runt of a litter discovered in a tool shed in rural Indiana, but she would become a movie star. According to her IMDb page (yes, she really has one) she was born with several genetic mutations including dwarfism. Her owners took her in as a rescue when it was clear she would need special care, according to BUB's official Facebook page. Since then, she's starred in the documentary Lil Bub and Friendz which follows BUB and her owner as they meet other celebrity cats and go to the Internet Cat Video Film Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

8. Juniper (@juniperfoxx) 1.9 million followers

*Abruptly waking up to the smell of pancakes*

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Juniper "the happiest fox" is apparently super sassy, her owner says they've never met any person or animal that's more sassy than Juniper. Nearly two million people follow along the fox's photo adventures.

7. Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart) 1.9 million followers

Sometimes when I ask him to look at the camera, he purposely ignores me...and by sometimes, I mean all the time, except when treats are involved, that is. Haha. 😒 #ohtoons #sideeye

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Tuna the Chiweenie is the "epitome of the underdog," according to his owner. Courtney Dasher rescued him back in 2010 at a farmers market. A year later, she created an Instagram account dedicated to photos of the loveable pup and his notoriety quickly took off. Courtney says she didn't expect this sort of response but did recognize Instagram could give people joy through pictures that showed off Tuna's "cartoonish looks and his charming personality."

6. Marnie the Dog (@marniethedog) 2.1 million followers

Me & leafs

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It's pretty incredible that a dog once nicknamed "Stinky" has grown to internet fame. According to her official website, Marnie was originally found on the streets of Connecticut in 2012 but went unclaimed and got transferred to a shelter. There they named her Stinky...because of her noticeable stench. That didn't stop her new owner Shirly from giving her a forever home and changing her name to Marnie. The adorable pup no longer smells bad and her signature "tongue out" photos have become an online sensation.

5. Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat) 2.4 million followers

Worst #Catsgiving Ever

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Let's be honest, if you don't know Grumpy Cat, you're probably not going to see this because it means you've never spent any time on the internet. She became an internet sensation after a photo of her was posted on Reddit featuring her typical frown, according to her website. And despite her "Grumpy Cat" nickname, her owners say she's actually a "super cute and cuddly kitty." Since her fame took off, she's made dozens of TV appearances and starred in her Lifetime movie, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever.

4. Marutaro (@marutaro) 2.6 million followers

Good night!!✨🐶💤✨パパのベッドで寝るね #パパはワンルーム使っていいよ #キレイに使ってね #はみ出しそうになったら頭を端っこに引っ掛けるの #これではみ出ないからね #じゃあやってみな #まる知識

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Marutaro is the only non-US based entry on Instagram's top 10 list for 2017. But it's no surprise the Shiba Inu has such a big following. The pup's adorable pics around Japan are not to be missed.

3. Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug) 3 million followers

“‪If u think my Christmas music is too loud u can get out‬” -Doug

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Doug the Pug is described as one of the world's most famous and followed dogs, with more than 1 billion Facebook video views. Doug the Pug: The King of Pop Culture is a New York Times bestseller featuring a collection of his photos. He even won the Instagrammer of the Year award at the 2017 Shorty Awards so it's no surprise Doug is near the top of this 2017 list.

2. Nala_Cat (@nala_cat) 3.5 million

I have a director chair. What’s your favorite movie? 🤪🍿

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Nala is the most popular cat on Instagram with more than 3 million followers and is the second most-followed pet overall. Her owner adopted her from a shelter about seven years ago and created the Instagram only to share photos of Nala with family and friends back home, but the loveable kitten's online following took off.

1. Jiffpom (@jiffpom) 7.1 million followers


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And we've arrived. jiffpom is the top dog on Instagram with more than 7 million followers...more than double his closest competition for most-followed pet. The Pomeranian's accomplishments extend beyond the world wide web as he's a three-time Guinness World Record holder, including fastest dog on two paws.


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