NEW HOPE, Minn. - On Tuesday, two officers who were shot during a New Hope City Council meeting two years ago have filed a lawsuit against the gun shop owner who sold the gun used in the crime.

In January 2015, New Hope City Council members were honoring police officers when police say 68-year-old Ray Kmetz shot Officer Joshua Eernisse in the wrist and Officer Beau Schoenhard in the shoulder.

Both had family witnessing the whole thing. Police ended up shooting and killing Kmetz that night.

According to the lawsuit filed Tuesday, the gun Kmetz used was purchased illegally. And they are suing the owner, Troy Buchholz, who runs Full Metal Gun Shop.

"If the gun laws that we have had been followed we wouldn't be having this conversation," said Eernisse, who is still a New Hope police officer.

The lawsuit claims, Michael Garant, was a straw purchaser, which means he purchased a gun on behalf of someone else, in this case, according to the lawsuit, that someone else, was Kmetz.

Back in 2015, Kmetz's son told KARE 11, his father had a history of mental illness and under state law should not have been in possession of a gun.

We tried to contact Buchholz for comment by phone but have not heard back.

The officers talked about how the situation has changed their lives.

"Just when my father was becoming okay with me becoming a police officer - this happens," said Schoenhard, who is currently an Edina police officer.

"The come home safes, the I love yous when you leave for an overnight shift. They have a different meaning," said Eernisse.

"It doesn't go away, it's there everyday," said Schoenhard.

The lawsuit claims the officers want money to pay for things like medical bills and loss of wages.

If they win, their lawyers say the officers could receive milllions.