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New ranking says Minnesota drivers 2nd worst in the nation

The yearly rankings from Quote Wizard, a car insurance comparison website, found that Minnesota drivers got worse in the last year... a lot worse.

Nearly everyone who has driven across state lines has had the discussion. Where do the worst drivers reside?

We know the answer is nearly always subjective and based on circumstance, but an annual attempt to crunch the numbers is bringing bad news for Minnesotans.

Quote Wizard, a company that specializes in comparing insurance quotes online, dropped Minnesota from 11th worst in 2016, to second worst in the country this year. According to the company, only California drivers fared worse.

According to the company, the rankings are based on much more than opinion.

We sampled incident data (with more than two million data points) from the users of our website and juxtaposed it to Federal Highway Administration fatality data. To quantify overall driver standards for comparison, we weighted various incident totals for each state with its occurrence percentage. The rankings are a sum of weighted means calculated from these incidents:

Speeding tickets

Minnesota reportedly experienced troubling increases in Accidents, Speeding Tickets and Citations.

KARE 11 reporter Kent Erdahl went out to ask Minnesota drivers about how they think we really stack up.

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