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Non-profit aims to place outdoor defibrillators throughout community

St. Joseph city leaders became first municipality to approve outdoor AED's in Minnesota.

Jerry and Judy Hess remember that day nearly 3 years ago when Jerry went into sudden cardiac arrest.

"Eyes rolled in the back of his head," said Judy. "Sheriff's department came, he brought in an AED and I knew what do with it and he's here with me today."

Here today thanks to Judy and a defibrillator and now there's one outside their home.

"This is a neighborhood AED," said Jerry. "Help save someone else's life."

Jerry and Judy worked with Joel Vogel who is with the non-profit Mended Hearts to place one there thanks to donations.

"Put out three AED's in rural areas," said Vogel.

He's started a movement now to place defibrillators or AED's outside in save stations throughout the community for people to use in case of an emergency as sometimes AED's in buildings are inaccessible.

"You can start treating before first responders arrive," said Vogel.

Now St. Joseph city leaders are the first in Minnesota to approve these outdoor AED's. They're placing 5 by July.

"If we can save 2,3,4 lives because it's out there, that's huge," said Vogel.

He's working with the Stearns County Sheriff's dept. to place 50 throughout the county.