MINNEAPOLIS - For the last three years, Colin Post and Steve Hance have been selling their hard cider at Deer Lake Orchard in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Now, their ciders are making their way from the farm to the city.

The two are opening the Number 12 Cider taproom in the North Loop on Saturday.

number 12 cider 4
Number 12 Cider co-owner Colin Post pours a cider in their new North Loop taproom. (Photo by KARE 11's Kirk Duda)

"We want to bring the cider to the people of Minneapolis and we're really excited to do so," said Post.

There will be up to 16 types of cider at a time. The drinks come from a combination of local apples and apples from across the country.

"We brought some components of the orchard and the beauty of that with trying to set ourselves apart from other breweries," said Post.

number 12 cider 3
A look inside the new Number 12 Cider taproom in the North Loop. (Photo by KARE 11's Kirk Duda)

Post and Hance are tapping into a relatively underserved market in the Twin Cities; while craft breweries are abundant, cider taprooms are less common.

"Cider is not a flash in the pan, cider is here to stay," said Post. "It's a wonderful beverage, somewhere between beer and wine in terms of strength, and it has a great history in America that we want to continue and sort of reinvent that tradition."

Number 12 Cider House is located at 614 N 5th Street in Minneapolis. It opens Saturday, November 10 at 11 a.m.

number 12 cider 1
Number 12 Cider opens in the North Loop. (Photo by KARE 11's Kirk Duda)