ST. PAUL, Minn. - School safety is top of mind for a special visitor to Minnesota. He's here on the heels of a school shooting in Pakistan that stunned the world two years ago.

Now he's hoping to learn from us what can prevent such horrible acts.

Fida Shah is a high-ranking police officer in Pakistan. In December 2014, he was called to the worst crime scene of his life.

"That was just indescribable," said Shah. "When that attack happened, I was very much there in Peshawar, and I was one of the first responders."

It was a terrorist attack on a school. A school shooting that left nearly 150 people dead. Nearly all of them were children.

"They were just laying in a pool of blood," Shah said.

For the past year, Shah has been in Minnesota for a fellowship.

He spent weeks with the St. Paul Police department and visited a local charter school.

"I learned so many things," Shah said.

Trying to learn how American police and schools prepare for the possibility of a school shooting. And hopefully prevent them.

Shah says he's been enlightened by school lockdown drills.. and the advantage American police have by knowing their schools through resource officers.

In turn, Randy Johnson with the Department of Public Safety says local authorities have learned from Shah.

"It's something that we think is just the unimaginable here in the United States, but we have to be prepared for such things and at least have some processes in place and conversations of how would we respond. and how would we adapt," Johnson said.

Shah hopes to never see another school shooting but believes his visit to Minnesota will help Pakistan police be better prepared.

Shah is returning to Pakistan in July. He was visiting as part of the Humphrey Fellowship at the U of M, which has been hosting foreign professionals for 35 years.