ROSEVILLE, Minn. - A "cute kitten" found in a parking lot earlier this week ended up being something much more.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota posted to Facebook Tuesday night a photo of what appeared to be a kitten.

"A very observant client heard a kitten crying for help in a car lot the other night. After bringing home the stray kitten and listening to it, he started suspecting it wasn't a domestic breed," the post reads.

Yes, it was actually a very young bobcat.

The kitten appears to be in good health but was dehydrated, according to officials with the center. The young bobcat will spend a few days at the WRCMN before taking her to another rehabber who works with bobcats, they added.

"We're so thankful to have a great network of rehabbers and clients who make the time to help animals in need!"