BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Call it the calm before the storm. At TireZoo in Bloomington, business was strikingly ordinary on Monday.

Peter Wilkerson balanced a tire, aware the calm will not last. “You’ll see it on the five o’clock news on Wednesday and that’s when people will start pouring in, Wednesday night, getting ready for Thursday.”

A pending winter storm - just as people begin to set out for holiday travel - should cause a change in mindset now, says Kevin Gutknecht, communications director at the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

“Get your car ready, make sure you have plenty of blue juice in that (windshield) reservoir, make sure your tires are good,” Gutknecht says.

Gutknecht says Christmas travelers should be monitoring forecasts and watching the MnDOT website, keeping open the possibility of beginning travel early, or waiting until after the storm has passed.

“Plan ahead, give yourself plenty of time, that’s the key. Might take a little longer to get there, but the key is to get there,” Gutknecht says.

Jodi Henriksen of Waconia greeted her daughter Nora Monday evening at MSP International Airport.

Nora Henriksen, a sophomore attending college in Utah, made it home before the threat of snow.

“Happy she’s headed home today and not later in the week,” said her mom. “Everything's good now. She’s home safe and sound.”