MINNEAPOLIS - Tis the season to celebrate. But sometimes the holidays put us at risk, especially children.

Kirk Hughes, education director with the Minnesota Poison Control System, shared a list of some of the most common types of poisonings this time of year.

Hughes said relatives visit each other more frequently this time of year and grandparents can unknowingly expose children to one specific danger.

He said many grandparents take pills, yet some pills can be fatal to a child, even just one. So Hughes said it's very important to take pills out of purses or luggage and store them up high. Going to visit the grandparents? Medicine cabinets are not safe. Kids are curious so pills need to be moved out of reach.

Button batteries are another risk. They are found in many toys. But when kids swallow them, Hughes says they can burn through the throat within 2 hours so if you suspect a child has swallowed one, take them to the ER right away.

Another risk, he said, is alcohol that is left sitting out during a holiday party. Kids may think it's soda and take a drink.

Hughes explained, "The biggest concern is that little kids are not adults and if they ingest alcohol, it can actually lower blood sugars to the point where they can go into kind of a coma and have some serious problems from that."

Carbon monoxide poisoning is also a big concern so he said make sure you have a detector within 10 feet of every sleeping area in a home.

The good news is holly and poinsettias are not highly toxic, but they can make you feel sick. He said Christmas cacti are not toxic.

You are encouraged to call the Minnesota Poison Control System at 1-800-222-1222 with any concerns.