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Police: Have a plan in place in light of recent burglaries

Officers say burglars are entering homes while people are sleeping inside.

A new day and a new round of burglaries in the metro.

The latest was in Victoria. The Carver County Sheriff's office says several homes were hit and two cars stolen. 

Jayna Touminen heard some her neighbors homes were broken into through unlocked doors.

"Violation of our safety and of our kids. Violation of us. It just kind of robs you of your sense of security," said Touminen.

Numerous agencies are now investigating the burglary spree throughout the metro where the suspects gain entry through unlocked cars and garage
door openers.

Officers say one of their biggest concerns about this burglary spree is that the burglars are entering homes while people are inside.

"That sets up for a dangerous situation," said Big Lake Police Chief Joel Scharf.

He is warning homeowners about this crime and urging everyone to have a plan.

"What are we going to do in the middle of the night if we wake up? Are we going to find a safe place to retreat to? Are we going to immediately get 911 on the phone, or are we going to be out in a place where we have to defend ourselves," said Scharf.

That's something Jayna is already thinking about.

"You need to be more vigilant," said Touminen. "You really take common sense measures as well."