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Want to take a ballot selfie in Minnesota?

Take your Election Day selfies, but don't include your marked ballot.
Credit: KARE

ST PAUL, Minn. — According to the Minnesota Secretary of State, it is not illegal to take a photo inside of a polling place; but voters are not allowed to take photos of a marked ballot.

Let's say you post a selfie of yourself at the local polling place, and your marked ballot just happens to be in it. According to the Secretary of State's website, that ballot could get tossed. 

"If a voter, after marking a ballot, shows it to anyone except as authorized by law, the election judges shall refuse to deposit the ballot in any ballot box and shall place it among the spoiled ballots," Minnesota statute 204c-17 reads.

The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State also encourages voters to be respectful of other voters' privacy and not include them in photos. 

"Voters have a right to privacy, both as to how an individual has voted as well as whether or not an individual has voted. Either or both of these could be compromised by pictures or video," reads a passage on the Secretary of State's website. "In addition, other voters' objections to being photographed could lead to disruptions within the polling place."

Lines can get long on Election Day so the Secretary of State website states "Voters have a right to take the time they need to vote, but should not take extra time to take pictures."

So take your election day selfies but don't include your marked ballot.

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