MINNEAPOLIS — The popular First Avenue music venue in Minneapolis says it's going to donate all of it's profits from the night of President Trump's rally to Planned Parenthood.

The venue neighbors Target Center, which is hosting the president's rally Thursday evening. 

 First Avenue CEO Dayna Frank released the following statement:  

“While we are not a political organization, First Avenue has hosted candidates and events across the political spectrum and supports diversity of thought. However, the actions and policies of this administration are in direct conflict to our core values. First Avenue believes in radical inclusivity; every person needs to be treated with dignity, respect, and professionalism. 

Our Mission Statement explicitly outlines First Avenue’s goal of fostering a unique, diverse, and innovative cultural environment. We’ll be staying open on Thursday to ensure fans can experience the shows as planned, and we’ll be donating all profits to Planned Parenthood. We’re happy to support an organization dedicated to equal access to healthcare for all.”

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