ST. PAUL, Minn. - A former State Supreme Court Justice will temporarily take the reigns of the embattled Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA).

On Thursday Governor Mark Dayton announced that Kathleen Blatz will serve as interim chair of the MSFA when current chair Michele Kelm-Helgen steps down March 8. Blatz, who served as Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, was appointed to the board in January of this year.

"Through her decades of service as Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court and in the Minnesota Legislature, Kathleen Blatz has demonstrated her exceptional committment to advancing the public interest," Governor Dayton said in a released statement. "Already, her work on the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority Board has helped to inspire trust in the people of Minnesota, that the MSFA will continue to provide excellent service to the people of Minnesota."

Blatz's appointment will create an opening on the board that will be filled at a later date. She will serve until a permanent chair is appointed.

The Republican-dominated State Legislature is considering proposals to remake the MSFA, options that include eliminating the chair's salary and changing the way board positions are filled.

Kelm-Helgen and her associate Ted Mondale both announced their resignation from the MSFA in the wake of a highly publicized flap over allowing family and friends to use luxury suites for events at U.S. Bank Stadium.