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Lt. Governor staffers quit, Fairfax on leave of absence from law firm

Four people on his staff quit, leaving only two part-time employees.

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax was back on the job Monday, but his inner circle continued to shrink.

Four people on his staff quit, leaving only two part-time employees.

“Staff for LG is very small as this is a part-time office,” said a spokesperson for Fairfax. 

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In addition to staff members resigning, Fairfax also had to step down from a board he sits on at Duke University and he took a paid leave of absence from his Northern Virginia law firm, which is conducting its own investigation.

“We take all allegations against Justin very seriously,” said Chair of Morrison & Foerster, Larren Nashelsky. 

“The state needs to investigate this,” said Virginia delegate Patrick Hope. 

Delegate Hope was ready to get the state's investigation going Monday after a second woman, Meredith Watson came forward last week accusing Fairfax of raping her while they were students at Duke in 2000.

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Hope even had a resolution drafted to begin impeachment proceedings, but many Democrats aren’t on the same page.

“I'm not at the point of impeaching. I'm not going to be the judge and the jury,” said State Senator Barbara Favola.

With no movement Monday, Watson's attorney issued a statement asking lawmakers to let her testify and show proof. 

Delegate Hope said he may still move forward with impeachment because the FBI won't investigate, Virginia state police can't get involved and republicans are waiting for democrats to to make the first move.  

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The 2019 session ends next week. 

If there's no action by then, lawmakers would have to be summoned back to Richmond to begin an impeachment process.

“I want to reiterate my call that the Lieutenant Governor must step down immediately,” said Hope. 

Fairfax denied the sexual assault allegations  Monday.