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Michele Tafoya, Amy Koch urge Donald Trump not to run in 2024

Jana Shortal talks with Tafoya and Koch about why they don't think the former president should run again.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Michele Tafoya became a household name from the sidelines — calling games and racking up awards for doing so — until early this year when she got off the sidelines and into politics.

She had a brief stint with Republican Kendall Qualls campaign for Minnesota governor, and then five days ago, she wrote an open letter to former President Donald Trump on her Substack account saying, please, don't run again.

"I think people know that if Trump does throw his hat in the ring, as he's expected to do, that chaos is back, Tafoya said. "And we have had enough, people are exhausted."

Why is Tafoya going so far as to say please Trump, don't run?

"There are so many things going on that people want some leadership without that kind of baggage, without that kind of tumult, and I hear it a lot from people I know who voted for Trump who just don't want to see him back," Tafoya said. "Now they want something a little closer to normal."

"I think people want sanity. I think people want to breathe normally again. I think people see the writing on the wall."

And this isn't just Tafoya — three days ago on Fox — a tweet that calls for Trump to delay his announcement until after the Georgia Senate Runoff race came.

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The Hill published a story saying the Republican Party is worried that Trump announcing will backfire on the party. Then the Trump-backed Lt. Governor of Virginia came out and said Trump in 2024 is a liability to the Republican mission

Longtime Republican Amy Koch had this to say of Trump's seemingly inevitable announcement to run Tuesday:

"I bet you 80% of Republicans think, 'Don't do this.'"

And her reason?  

"I think what Republicans have to look deep at is we have basically had four elections with Trump on the ballot," Koch said. "Don't kid yourself, he was a big part of this ballot and he is 1-for-4."

So, agree with the sentiments of these Republicans or not, but the call is out there now...no matter what the former President decides to do.

Ultimately Tuesday night.

"Look, I don't know what he is going to announce, I don't know what happens, but I do think now that people know his playbook and they know his game plan," Tafoya said. "They are going to be much more prepared to deal with him. Will he fizzle out? Not quietly, we know that."

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