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Minneapolis Mayor Frey delivers State of the City address

In Tuesday's speech, Frey highlighted the changes that the city is experiencing and outlined his budget proposal.

MINNEAPOLIS — In front of North Commons Park in Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey gave the first State of the City address of his second term. In Tuesday's speech, Frey highlighted the changes that the city is experiencing and outlined his plan for how to spend millions of dollars in federal funding.

“This spring season has cast a new light across our city, bringing with it a palpable renewed sense of hope and optimism," Frey said. "From meetings in City Hall to conversations at the many groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings, I’m struck by a newfound sense of purpose and focus, a resolve to attack the day with purpose. In Minneapolis, we’re coming back."

Frey's complete State of the City address can be found below or here.

The City of Minneapolis currently has $43 million left of the $271 million in federal funds given to the city in the American Rescue Plan Act. Frey proposed using nearly $11 million for economic recovery, about $12.7 million in affordable housing and the city's homelessness response, and roughly $11.6 million bookmarked for climate and public health measures.

His proposed budget also includes $6.4 million in public safety funding that would go towards "violence interrupters, trauma and de-escalation response, expanded group violence intervention programming, grant funds for youth and community public safety programs, portable camera and lighting, and street lighting."

Frey's spending proposal faces a month-long process through the Budget Committee and eventually City Council.

The process will begin on May 4 when the Budget Committee hears the first presentation, with a follow-up presentation on May 6. Then, a public hearing on it will be held on May 12. The next week, the Budget Committee will hear any amendments brought forward.

If the Budget Committee does amend and approve the proposal, the budget will then go to the full City Council on May 26.

“Let’s put this optimism to work as we unveil another historic investment of American Rescue Plan Act funding that will further jumpstart our local economy. It’s a busy spring in Minneapolis and we’re not slowing down," he said.

Frey's climate change and public health priorities in his budget include millions to end lead poisoning in children, adding a tree canopy in the city and a community health fund.

"Our city is bursting with soon-to-be-realized potential," Frey went on to say. "A new beginning alongside a newfound sense of unity. While our problems are by no means solved, for the first time in a couple of years, we are feeling a collective sense of renewal.”

City Council President Andrea Jenkins said in a statement that Frey's "address focuses on some of the most, seemingly, intractable issues facing the City of Minneapolis."

"I am pleased to see proposed investments in recruitment and retention of City staff," Jenkins went on to say. "As with any budgetary proposal by the mayor, this process will involve significant input from the City Council to ensure that these one-time dollars are most directly meeting the urgent needs of the residents of Minneapolis.”

According to his plan, the coronavirus pandemic caused Minneapolis to miss "$77 million in revenue in 2020 and $265 million in 2021." The city's calculated revenue losses are based on a formula from the American Rescue Plan that estimates where revenues should have been if it were not for the pandemic derailing the economy in 2020.

For more information about Frey's budget, click or tap here.

Frey's proposed budget includes:

  • $7 million for recruiting, hiring and retaining City of Minneapolis employees
  • $4 million for NOAH Preservation
  • $3.5 million for the Clyde Bellecourt Urban Indigenous Legacy Initiative
  • $3 million to eliminate childhood lead poisoning
  • $3 million for investments at North Commons Park
  • $2.5 million for the Minneapolis Homes Financing program
  • $1.5 million for mental health support for city employees
  • $1.36 million for street lighting improvements
  • $1 million for mobile cameras and lighting expansion
  • $1 million for tree planting to support Green Minneapolis Climate Resiliency Initiative 
  • $1 million for MinneapolUS Strategic Outreach Initiative

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