MINNEAPOLIS — Day 1 of the partial government shutdown was concerning for federal workers.

"Just the amount of stress,” TSA agent Celia Hahn says.

Many like Hahn, a TSA employee of 16 years, have been through a shutdown or two already.

“This one is different. The issue that separates them seems greater,” Hahn says.

But on Day 20, that concern has changed to fear for many federal workers, with no end in sight, and a payday with no paycheck.

“A lot of employees are going to be hurting after just one,” Hahn says.

Hahn was just one of a few dozen federal workers who gathered at Hiawatha and 54th Street to protest Thursday afternoon.

She says one paycheck won’t break the bank on her end, because she has a lot of family in the area to help her out.

“I have a lot of support,” Hahn says.

But being a single mother of two 9-year-old boys, another paycheck or two and she’ll be in a tough spot.

“I’ll have to make some choices, figure out priorities, necessities and what that money needs to go,” Hahn says.

It’s a dilemma thousands of federal workers now face, to stay working in a position they love, or to find a new job with a more stable paycheck.

“A lot of people will hold out as long as they can, but without a paycheck there’s not much of an incentive to stay,” Hahn says.

And the longer the shutdown goes, the bigger the impact.

On Wall Street plans to go public are on hold, with companies like Lyft, Uber, Pinterest and Slack, all looking to enter the market. But they can't until the shutdown's over. 

Farmers preparing for the growing season are also missing federal crop reports that give insight into the market and help them decide what to plant.

University research projects are also up in the air. Many of them require federal approval and funding to get started. 

Many like these workers are getting by for now, but if weeks turn into months, they don't know what they'll do. 

“People are already submitting resumes outside the agency to look for other jobs, because they’re worried,” Hahn says. “I’ve been through shutdowns before but this one is different.”