DULUTH, Minn. - President Trump made his first visit to Minnesota since winning The Oval Office when he held a roundtable and rally in Duluth on Wednesday night.

The White House said President Trump was originally expected to arrive in Duluth around 4:35 p.m. but was delayed. Air Force One landed at the Duluth Air National Guard Base just before 5 p.m.

From there, President Trump held a roundtable event with about a dozen elected officials as well as representatives from the mining and steel industry.

The discussion was billed as "promoting and protecting American workers." Topics ranged from immigration and trade to health care and national security. Trump told those at Duluth Cargo Connect that "billions" are "pouring into the Treasury" as a result of his trade decisions.

The rally was originally set to be held at DECC Arena but was moved to AMSOIL Arena due to high demand. The Duluth Fire Marshal told a pool reporter the arena holds about 9,000 people and it appeared to be full, with hundreds of people left outside waiting to get in.

Pete Stauber, the Republican running in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, took a turn at the stage early on. “Mr. President, these people support you,” Stauber said to a roar of applause.

“We need more Republicans,” Trump said. “We’ve got to get out there in the midterms.”

Trump also addressed the executive order he signed earlier Wednesday that will stop the separation of families caught crossing the border illegally.

He says the U.S. has the "weakest" and "most pathetic immigration laws anywhere in the world." But he says things have to be done with "compassion."

Trump narrowly lost Minnesota in 2016 and jokes that he would have won if he had made just one more speech. He says he has no doubt he'll win in 2020.

Trump said his administration is “taking first steps” to open the Superior National Forest to mineral exploration.

The president also raised the North Korea summit, calling it an “incredible success.” He predicted that “Chairman Kim will turn that country into a great, successful country.” Trump said “right now, you are so safe” because of the summit.

Protests were also held in response to the President's "Make America Great Again" rally. A handful of protestors were also booed as they were led out of the arena throughout the course of the rally.

KARE 11 crews report there was a minor scuffle between protestors and rally attendees outside the arena. Two people were detained.