Sharon Anderson

Age: Did not provide

Bio: Anderson was born in Mora, Minnesota, but she is a lifelong resident of St. Paul. She went to Eastern Heights Elementary School and St. Paul Central High School.

Education: St. Paul Central High School, real estate training at Breezy Point, some college courses and "the school of hard knocks."

Work experience: Former waitress at Hilton Hotel, retired real estate entrepreneur, political activist.

Political and public experience: Anderson has been running for various political offices for years. She says her first race was for Ramsey County Board in 1973. Once, she ran for municipal court judge but says she was denied entrance due to not being a lawyer ("I said, 'I’m not a liar and I’m not a lawyer.'"). Her most recent run for mayor was 2011.

Main issues: Corruption in the DFL party and corruption in the courts.

Party: Republican

Why she is running: "I am a political activist. I have run in every election not to win but to get my issues out to the public. You know, I even ran for president one year. ... I’m the only true, loyal Trump supporter that’s running for mayor."

What you might not know about her: "That I’m blind in my left eye. ... I have never been convicted of a crime. ... And my morals, honesty and trustworthy cannot be impugned."


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