Tim Holden

Age: 48

Bio: Holden was born in Denver, Colorado, but moved to St. Paul shortly after and has lived here his entire life.

Education: He went to St. Thomas Academy, then to St. Cloud State for a degree in criminal justice. He is a licensed contractor, licensed realtor and licensed peace officer.

Work experience: Holden has been a self-employed contractor for 25 years. He does everything from general remodeling to new construction. He also owns rental properties and commercial properties.

Political and public experience: He has volunteered for various campaigns and at the Union Gospel Mission. He also ran against Chris Coleman for mayor in 2013. In that race he was self-funded, or in his words - "I took on the machine by myself."

Main issues: "My number one: Commerce. We need to create commerce in the capital city. We have a huge problem with poverty. The capital city is going backwards and it has for the last 12 years. We need to produce jobs. People need jobs. And I’m just the man for the job."

Party: Independent

Why he is running: "Save the city of St. Paul. The city is in big trouble, the capital city is in huge trouble financially and people across the city, people are hurting. Property taxes continue to go up, city services go down. Unacceptable."

What you might not know about him: "That I really care about the small person more than anything. I care about the little people that are hurting more than anything."

Website: holden4mayor.com

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