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Trump rally: by the numbers

Key stats to take away from the Target Center rally that drew tens of thousands of supporters and protesters to downtown Minneapolis Thursday.

MINNEAPOLIS — President Trump's attracted a huge crowd to the Target Center Thursday in a vivid display of his drawing power in a state he lost by just one and a half points in 2016.

We endeavored to pulls some key stats from that event.

Attendance -- The president claimed 20,000-plus, calling it a new record. It's possible, but hasn't been confirmed. 

The arena's published capacity is 19,356. There were empty seats in the upper rows, but there were also a few hundred people standing on the floor. Target Center management didn't respond Friday to requests for an official count.

The all-time attendance record for the Target Center was 20,412 for a Timberwolves-Warriors game in March of 2017. 

Length of Speech - 1 hour and 45 minutes

Time devoted to Rep. Ilhan Omar - 6 minutes. During that time her image was projected on the overhead electronic scoreboard, as people booed her.

References to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey - 9 times, but the president never said the mayor's name.

Number of jabs at the mainstream media - 8 direct hits, and other more general references while talking about DC Democrats.

Number of "Cops for Trump" tee-shirts - Too many to count in the arena. Lt. Bob Kroll, who was called up to the stage by the president, say 5,000 of those red tees have been sold or ordered, and more orders are coming online.

Number of Fox News personalities mentioned - President Trump named 12 different Fox News anchors while talking about how he saw Kroll on the Fox & Friends talking about the police uniform dispute in Minneapolis.

Number of bicycle cops working the protest: 100 officers from Minneapolis, St. Paul and Hennepin County Sheriff's Office.

Number of equestrian officers: 17 officers on horseback from several agencies

Number of arrests on the streets outside: Minneapolis police say they made one arrest for damage to property and issued one citation for disorderly conduct.

Glitter bomber: There was one glitter bomb tossed in the President's direction as he entered the arena. It missed, and at first glance it appeared to be part of the production. But the young man who unleashed the Pringle's can full of gold-colored glitter was later boasting about it on social media.

Number of Prince songs played without permission: One. "Purple Rain" played during one of the lulls between the warm-up speakers and the main program. That prompted the Prince Estate to issue a copy of a 2018 letter from the Trump Campaign's law firm assuring that Prince songs wouldn't be used.