MINNEAPOLIS — Thousands of federal employees are working without pay.

TSA workers are sick of it.

Our national parks are a mess.

Minnesota farmers could face a crop crisis.

But if none of those things get you hopping mad over the government shutdown, then maybe this will.

The next victim may be beers.

The TTB, or The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau -- the federal bureau for booze -- is closed.

The guys at 612Brew want to expand to Wisconsin, maybe South Dakota, this year.

Guess who's got to approve that.

The feds.

Not gonna happen as long as the government's shut down.

They say if the shutdown lingers on, it could affect their future plans.

Things like opening a new brewery, or getting a recipe, or even a label for a new brew approved, are all on hold because of the amount of government regulation involved in the brewing industry.

KARE 11's Kiya Edwards also reached out to Surly. They say they're OK, at least for now.

They tell us they will start running into issues if the shutdown continues for months.