MINNEAPOLIS - When Donald Trump claimed victory on Wednesday morning, a barrier remained in place. America has yet to elect a woman president.

We talked with several Minnesota women and girls on Election Day about the “glass ceiling” between women and the highest political office.

Joan Growe – Democrat, Minnesota Secretary of State, 1975-1999: “Oh, did I ever feel it. People said, ‘Well, we've never had a woman.’ I felt it trying to get the DFL endorsement. And there were questions about, ‘Do you think she knows how to do that, should she be out there like that, what about her family?’”

LaVerne Rehpohl – 99, Lyngblomsten Senior Housing, Saint Paul: Women were mothers, they stayed at home and raised their family while their husbands worked, and I’ve seen that change.

Michelle Benson – Republican, Minnesota State Senator: “I don’t think of it in terms of it’s a giant step for womanhood. I don’t really think of it as a woman’s job or a man’s job.”

Rowan Dubbels – 5th Grader, Whittier International Elementary School: “The first girl president would be a very huge step for the girls because it’s been boys and it seems kind of unfair.”

Dorothy McCluney – 99, Lyngblomsten Senior Housing, Saint Paul: “If a woman is in, hopefully she’ll bring something good for all of us so that we can all get along.”

Addy Boyd – 5th Grader, Whittier International School: “I don’t really care if it’s a girl or a man, I just care if they take care of the country and if they’ll be right to the people.”

Hillary Clinton – concession speech: “I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but some day someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right now.”

Growe: “It is not just in politics, you look at whose on the board of directors of large corporations, you look at CEOs, you look at presidents of universities - It’s changing, but it’s slow to change.”

Benson: “I think there are some environments were women have a really hard time making their voice heard, I’ve just never put up with it.”

Charlotte Simmons – 5th Grader, Whittier Elementary School: “It’s really a big deal to me, because I think when I’m older I want to run for president.”