RAMSEY, Minn. - Forty-three years ago a professor in Hungary had a hankering to create an object, a puzzle, that was not supposed to be possible. A solid cube that would twist and turn, but not break apart. His name was Erno Rubik. It took him more than a month to work the solution to his invention - to solve the very first Rubik's Cube.

How times have changed.

Brian Berg of Ramsey, Minn. is 13 years old. He's been solving Rubik's Cubes for about two years.

He can now solve many of them in under 10 seconds. Competing in the classic model, the specialty models and doing it one handed when it strikes his fancy.

What do the kids at school think?

"They bring their cubes to me so I can solve it," Berg said.

His fastest time: 5.48 seconds. The world record: 4.69 seconds.