WATERTOWN, Minn. – It’s “National Random Acts of Kindness Day" and while the day to spread kindness caught on from coast to coast, it’s an everyday mission for a Watertown, Minnesota organization.

The RAK Warehouse operates on an important acronym, Random Acts of Kindness, with a mission to make a difference through random acts of kindness.

Founder Dan Turzinski first came up with the concept in 2015, when he saw a need.

“I heard there were some kids in Minneapolis that didn’t have sporting equipment, for baseball and basketball and I had a whole garage full of that kind of stuff,” said Turzinski.

The kindness grew from there, eventually filling the 10,000 square foot warehouse in Watertown.

“But, it doesn’t have to be big,” said Turzinski. “You have the opportunity on a daily basis just to make a difference in someone’s life – you never know how that small random act of kindness is going to impact that person.”

Turzinski believes kindness breeds kindness, and with practice, random acts of kindness become intentional and accessible to all.

“We all just need to be a little kinder to each other. If you only have a smile to give them, or a kind word, that can make a person’s day and you might not even realize it, but it can,” said Jeanne Cummings, who also operates the RAK Warehouse with Turzinski.

Just last week, they helped a family furnish a new rental home in Watertown, helping provide a new beginning.

Jon Buckley, Jr., said he was homeless during two-year span, before receiving help from the RAK Warehouse. He now has a home filled with new dishes and a new couch to get him, his fiancé and son off to a second chance.

“I used to sleep under the bridge next to the Gospel Mission and was an everyday struggle,” said Buckley.

“I’m at peace, I’ve got a home, I’m very happy, I’m jolly,” he added.

The RAK Warehouse works to develop partnerships with churches and organizations to serve families specific needs. It operates under the His House Foundation. To learn more, visit their website.