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Recent heat index study a concern here in Minnesota

Think it's hot now? A study released by the Union of Concerned Scientists found that heat and humidity has the potential to get much worse in the coming years.

When it's hot in Minnesota, any lake is a good option.

Thursday the Flynn family chose Long Lake to try and stay a little cool.

"It's really hot. Had to go somewhere to get wet. We were tubing and swimming," said Hilary Flynn.  "Summer are pretty warm. Might slow us down more so than the cold. 

Thursday may have been on the cooler side compared to what a recent study says we may be heading towards. Very hot days will become more common across the U.S. in the coming years without climate action, according to a study released by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

"I would take it as something to always be concerned about. Always be concerned about the heat," said Minnesota State Climatologist Pete Boulay.

There are concerns about heat related illness for those working outside, but there are other impacts as well.

"We're already seeing impacts from our changing climate. We're getting more water," said Hennepin County Emergency Director Eric Waage. "The way we get rain has changed the amounts we get has changed and that can lead to more extreme weather."

Eric says this is something we should all be aware of in the years to come.

"Taking responsibility for yourself, your family and loved ones," said Waage. Checking in on people who might be vulnerable. Your neighbors and things like that."