At Shady Oak Lake, trails are flooded and Shady Oak Beach is no longer a beach.

"Pretty nuts. Been out here many years, never been this high," said Jacob Ford talking about the lake.

Minnetonka City Leaders are now trying to reverse this trend. They have requested a permit with the DNR to pump water out of the lake into
Nine Mile Creek.

This is just one of many spots dealing with flooding. 

Water is already pouring over the banks at some sports along Minnehaha Creek and it could get worse.

"No Relief. We just keep getting rain after rain event," said Tiffany Schaufler with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.

She says we could potentially see similar flooding to 2014 depending on rainfall.

The rain on Memorial Day did not help the situation either.

The District can no longer control Lake Minnetonka Water Discharge through Gray's Bay Dam into the creek.

"We know the rain on Memorial Day pushed all the water bodies to be at capacity," said Schaufler.

She says it's up to mother nature at this point.

"We maybe need an unprecedented dry period to provide relief across the watershed and the whole state of Minnesota," said Schaufler.