GOP Senate candidate Karin Housley is responding to a media report that she compared Michelle Obama to a "chimp" in a 2009 Facebook post.

Huffington Post published the report, saying that in April 2009, Housley posted about the first lady's meeting with Queen Elizabeth II.

“Michelle is soooo far from cool. Don’t we expect our First Ladies to at least stand up straight? (And my dear sister, know the proper etiquette and DO NOT TOUCH THE QUEEN!),” Housley wrote.

In a subsequent comment, speaking about the movie "Bedtime for Bonzo," she wrote, "I think even that chimp stood up straighter than Michelle. Uh-oh, someone is going to make a comment."

Housley is currently a state senator running for U.S. Senate.

Housley provided KARE 11 with a statement on Monday, saying, “It’s not surprising Tina Smith’s campaign is using an out-of-context Facebook post from ten years ago to manufacture outrage. This is what the radical left does when they are losing—they attack Republicans so they don’t have to come up with solutions to the problems Minnesotans are facing. Imagine if the media spent the same amount of energy investigating Keith Ellison as they do digging into candidates’ old Facebook posts and satirical columns from a decade ago.”

The Minnesota DFL also sent a statement that read:

"The partisan discourse in Washington, D.C. is already pretty despicable. Sending Karin Housley there to pile on would make it meaner than it already is. Minnesotans expect their leaders to demonstrate a basic level of maturity and respect for the office they seek and the people they hope to represent. Karin Housley's Facebook history shows she lacks both."