ROBBINSDALE, Minn. - The fight to save the Terrace Theatre in Robbinsdale is over.

Friends of the Terrace, a group that was fighting to preserve the building, announced Friday they were not able to raise the bonds needed to hold off demolition at the site where the city is pushing to redevelop the property.

On Saturday, crews began demolishing the theater.

People watched outside of a fence as the building was reduced to pieces. Many are upset about the demolition.

"It breaks my hearts. It really breaks my heart that they couldn't restore it," said Jackie Bjorngaard. She says she went to the theater every Saturday night as a child.

"It feels like a lost opportunity to do something really really wonderful for the community," said Paula Mazzacano.

Terrace Theatre being torn down (Photo: KARE 11)
Terrace Theatre being torn down (Photo: KARE 11)

Others are glad to see the building be torn down, saying the blighted building was an eyesore. The theater sat empty for 17 years.

"I'm glad its going. I think it's time for progress," said Rose Williams.

Robbinsdale city leaders hope Hy-Vee will continue its interest in building on the land.

"This development can't really hurt the city because of the way the structure of downtown is and I think it'll draw more people to Robbinsdale and when they're down there they'll come here and vice versa, it'll be synergistic," said Bill Blonigan a council member for the City of Robbinsdale.

If the Hy-Vee development goes through, what people will see is similar to a Hy-Vee development in New Hope, according to Blonigan. It would include grocery and liquor stores, a gas station, convenience store, clinic and restaurant.

KARE 11 News reached out to a Hy-Vee spokesperson about it's plans for the site, but has not heard back.
Blonigan says a final contract needs to be negotiated with the company and he hopes construction will begin this year.