MINNEAPOLIS - It's not uncommon to see screening devices and body scanners at the airport. But people using the Metro Transit Light Rail won't find those devices at any stop.

After the deadly terror attack at an airport and train station in Brussels some riders in Minnesota like Carlton Webb wonder if light rail stations are vulnerable.

"Sometimes you have less than desirable people at these public stations. Checkpoints would be good to have for more security just and safety," Webb said.

He's not alone, Kathleen Blue, a frequent rider said she would like to see metal detectors installed.

By contrast, the Chief of Police for Metro Transit Police, John Harrington, said metal detectors aren't practical for numerous reasons. But each station is monitored via surveillance cameras. That's one way authorities look out for suspicious packages.

Harrington also said transit officers use K-9 units to help patrol the stops.

"Metro transit has four bomb sniffing dogs. They are out every day and we will have them working every day in high concentrations over the next few days just because of the extra high alert out of Belgium," Harrington said.

Metro Transit has 108 full time officers. Plus, additional part time officers.