GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Me Too.

It is the movement that defined our society for the better part of last year.

Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and Al Franken all fell from grace after accusations last year of sexual harassment or misconduct.

No industry was immune but most of what we heard about or saw came in the industries of entertainment or politics.

But if you Google the term 'Me Too' you will see quite a bit of talk about the restaurant industry.

Harassment there, in kitchens or on the floor by patrons, is a problem and this weekend more than 100 women chefs and restaurateurs are coming to town from all over the country to convene and one of their issues will be to talk about that.

So, to start that conversation KARE 11 spoke with a local chef and restaurateur to ask them where are we with Me Too?

Kim Bartmann owns nine Twin Cities restaurants, Carrie Summer is co-owner and chef at Chef Shack.

They are two women who are determined to change the parts of harassment culture that continue to infect restaurant culture.

This is our conversation with Kim and Carrie.

If you are interested in attending the Women’s Chefs and Restauranteurs Closing night party, here is the information.

Closing Night Party

Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot

Join us for the Closing Night Celebration, Monday, April 23rd. Tickets are $65. It is at the historic Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot where over twenty local female chefs and restaurateurs will be featuring a delectable array of thoughtfully prepared bites and cocktails, showcasing the amazing talent, food and beverage we have in this region. You can purchase tickets here.