SHOREVIEW, Minn. - Friends, family and classmates helped grant a boy's wish on Saturday night. Prom.

Jeremy Kohlberg, 13, has been battling brain cancer off and on for about five years. He has undergone several treatments and surgeries. Recently, doctors told his family that the cancer is progressing and he may only have a few weeks to live.

"I can't put it into words. It's, you know, it's just a part of your family you're losing that you can't replace," said John Kohlberg, Jeremy's father. Jeremy and his two brothers, Charlie and Gabe, were adopted by the Kohlberg's several years ago.

Jeremy wished for a night of dancing with friends and he received it, as his health declines.

"We actually were worried that we wasn't going to make it to today because he was progressing so quickly," said Carol Kohlberg, Jeremy's mother, who says he is losing his short-term memory.

"It's really hard to watch," she said.

Saturday night, a limousine pulled up to the Kohlberg home and Jeremy and his two brothers in their tuxedos, climbed aboard and picked up their prom dates.

During that time, classmates gathered at his home and rolled out a red carpet to welcome him to his prom.

"I hope he feels how much everybody loves him," said Carol Kohlberg.

The Kohlberg's say they are thankful for the community support, from people dropping off meals, to the numerous cards sent to Jeremy.