GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Many people feel that searching for a new job during the summer months may be a waste of time.

They think hiring activity slows during this time of year, primarily because the assumption is that most employers are concentrating on vacations and other summer-related activities.

But the robust economy and current tight labor market has changed many of the employment dynamics. Ted Chalupsky, president and founder of the employment firm The Right Staff, says the summer months are now a good time to make a job change. Here are a few reasons why:

Hiring continues to be hot

The weather is not the only thing that is heating up. From entry level to executive level, right now the employment market is as busy as it will ever be. There are multiple open positions at most companies that need to be filled, and filled quickly. This trend is projected to continue throughout the summer and into the fall season.

People quit looking

This is the time of year that most people have put off looking for a new job due to vacations, weddings, reunions or a host of other reasons. Many believe new job postings and hiring slow down during the summer months. Because of this mindset, the smart job candidates realize there is less competition for open positions. They are the ones receiving multiple job offers and negotiating better compensation packages.

Hiring managers are still working

Pity the poor hiring manager, who is under the gun to fill more open positions in order to get products out the door and keep customers happy. Most managers are working overtime in order to find candidates to fill these positions. Not only are they recruiting during regular business hours, but they are working nights and weekends at job fairs, networking events or any type of venue that will introduce them to the candidates they need to hire.

Shorter interviews

The interview process has become shorter, due to the urgency to get positions filled. Employers have found they need to simplify the process, otherwise they risk losing good candidates to other companies. A shorter interview process means you may be able to find a new job quicker and easier than you think. And, before other people even consider starting to look for a new job.