A dog that survived getting hit by a train and sparked a social media outpouring of support has found a new forever home.

The German Shepherd's new owner, Hanna Hughes, says she immediately connected with "Cabi."

Cabi's foster mom, Emily Campbell says when you open your home to a rescue dog, you never know what you'll encounter.

"This is the most high-profile foster I've ever had," said Emily.

Emily says the 14-month-old dog is a bonafide star.

Over 3,300 people now follow the Facebook page, Emily started to chronicle Cabi's incredible comeback which began last month after she was struck by a train and abandoned by her owner. A group called Saving Shepherds came to the rescue and online followers helped pay for her leg amputation.

"You can feel her scar a little bit but it's actually dissolved really well," said Emily. "When she came to my house, she was so fearful. She would bark at the door, and now, I can't get her to settle down."

Which is why Emily knew Cabi was ready for a new home.

"To see her story, it kind of struck a cord with me because I kind of felt like I could relate to her, on another level."said Hanna.

Hanna has a comeback story too.

"When I was 16, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. So I went through a bunch of chemotherapy and eventually had my right leg amputated. So I felt like Cabi and I really connected on that level, so it just seemed like it made sense to apply to adopt her," said Hanna.

Hanna and her fiance Jake's application came along and it's like it was sent from heaven or something, because everything lined up perfectly," said Emily.

Hanna and Jake just moved into a handicap accessible home...  

Hanna also knows a few things about being a star.

She's a member of the Team USA and Minnesota Wild sled hockey teams.

And she'll be keeping Cabi in the spotlight too.

 "Yes, I plan to keep up the Facebook page, I'm not nearly as funny as Emily but I do plan to keep it up," said Hanna. "Maybe team mascot is in the works too, we'll see." 

It would certainly be a role fit for a star.