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Emotions run high after release of body cam video in deadly police shooting

The video's release came after mounting pressure from lawmakers and activists demanding transparency from the police department.

MINNEAPOLIS — The decision to release the body camera footage from Wednesday morning's deadly police shooting is stirring up mixed emotions among community leaders. 

"It's a lose-lose, however we look at it, another young brother loss his life," said Trahern Pollard, founder of the organization 'We Push for Peace.'

"It was sad, but they followed their procedures from what I seen," said Rev. Jerry McAfee, senior pastor of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis. 

The video's release came after mounting pressure from lawmakers and activists, demanding transparency from the police department.

"My initial priority like Mayor Frey's was for the parents of this young man to be able to see this video before it was released to the public," said Interim Police Chief Amelia Huffman. 

In a news conference Thursday evening, Huffman said that did happen, as Amir Locke's family viewed the video Thursday afternoon.

However, local activist Nekima Levy Armstrong was still skeptical about how it all played out. 

"This is what I would call the anatomy of a coverup," said Levy Armstrong. 

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey recently appointed her co-chair of the city's safety work group. 

"You knew that I was not going to stand for police violence in a push for accountability, yet you asked me to be a part of the work group, and I knew what I thought I was signing up for. This isn't what I signed up for," said an emotional Levy Armstrong. 

With tensions high and emotional wounds reopened, many in the community are once again trying to come to terms with questions that remain unanswered. 

"For whatever reason the police officers was there, whatever reason that may be, whatever the case may be, at the end of the day, it's another life that's lost," said Pollard. 

We're expecting to hear from Amir Locke's family Friday morning for the first time since the incident. They'll be joined by civil rights attorneys Ben Crump and Jeff Storms.

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