MINNEAPOLIS -- "This time of year is a great time to look for birds because the leaves are off the trees and you can see a lot more," said Sarah Inouye-Lea of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

Even through we're in the middle of winter, a hike through the woods at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge can give us some great views of birds that are living in our area.

"Black capped chickadees, white breasted nuthatches, cardinals that everybody is familiar with, the bright red birds," said Inouye-Lea.

As we know, birds move fast, so bring binoculars with to get a better look.

Not only do you want to keep your eyes up looking for birds but you can also keep your eyes looking down for tracks.

Along the trail we came across some deer tracks and other mammals native to this refuge.

Also, if you are lucky enough you might get a close view of a rare snowy owl.

If you are wanting to try winter birding the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge has free snowshoes you can loan for your hike.