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St. Paul police identify victims in latest fatal pedestrian crash

Police say one person was killed and another was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

St. Paul police said two women were hit Friday evening on North McKnight Road near the 3M plant. 

Saturday, SPPD identified the two victims as 19-year-old Zahra Mohamed and 22-year-old Hanah Farrah. Police said Mohamed died at the scene and Farrah was taken to the hospital. She is expected to survive her injuries.

The latest crash makes it the second fatal pedestrian crash in 24 hours. This crash in St. Paul follows the crash that happened on Thursday in Roseville. 

The North McKnight Road crash site on Saturday still debris from the crash that had occurred only the night before. A boot and a shoe were still on scene, with personal belongings like lip gloss and pens strewn about.

Dino Guerin, who is a retired St. Paul fire district chief and now avid walker of McKnight Road, said there are several elements that make that specific pedestrian crossing hazardous.

"It's an incline so your speeds are going to get up," Guerin said, referring to the downhill when traveling South on McKnight. "You're not going to see that there's a crossing."

On top of that, Guerin said, when he walks his daily route, he almost never fails to see inattentive drivers.

"I walk here all the time and I can see people with their heads down," Guerin said. "I won't cross the street until all the traffic is clear."

Guerin pointed out that it's difficult to find a break in traffic to cross the intersection as well. 

Paul Sawyer, the Chair of the Land Use Committee within St. Paul's First District Community Council said he encourages people to speak up about the incident.

"Any and all public pressure is a good thing," Sawyer said. "Elected officials need to hear that this is a priority for the community."