A new video game, a group of old friends, and a few beers would be a challenge for even the most patient of apartment neighbors.

Unfortunately for Javonte Williams, Storm McKee and their three friends, thin walls met thin skin, as one neighbor called security and later the St. Paul police for a noise complaint.

A group of officers responded and were greeted at the door by a respectful McKee, according to Officer Isaac Palmer.

“He just said his friends were over. They just got a new video game. They were having some beers, eating some pizza, nothing crazy,” said Palmer.

After showing his license to the police, McKee said, “I’m like, 'Do you guys want to come in, have some pizza, and play some video games?' And most were kind of reluctant, but I opened the door wide and then two of them were like, ‘Oh, let’s get it.’”

Four of them played one game of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate on Nintendo Switch.

Williams posted a short video and picture of them playing together on Facebook and Instagram, and the post blew up. 

It’s been viewed millions of times across many online platforms also being featured on many national news websites.

One post on Reddit received 139,000 likes.

“I think people forget that we as police have personalities. We aren't robots,” said Palmer.

The police played one game and were back to their squads in less than a few minutes, according to Palmer. No fines were issued. 

Ultimately, an unexpected moment, bridged by a video game.