ST. PAUL, Minn. - A St. Paul company is getting huge props for being a great place to work. Ergodyne makes work gear and clothing that helps keep you warm while working outside.

The company was recently ranked as the fourth best place to work by "Outside Magazine."

"They started in 1983 with one product and today they have a whole product line," said Dale Kurschner, of Twin Cities Business.

From the names of their products to their YouTube videos -- the company keeps things clever, using colorful language to sell things like work gloves, back braces and knee pads.

"In a place like Minnesota if you're not outdoors - even in the winter time - you're not really enjoying where you live," Kurschner said. "And, so, any employer who can tie that into what their psyche is, is ahead of every other employer."

And, "Ergodyne" does.

They tell "Outside Magazine" their company dress code is quote, "wear something." And, their employees enjoy hot dish cook offs and tickets to sporting events.

"They have their employees go for a walk, and they have a very good health plan. And, so, they're eco-conscious, they're also health-conscious," he said.