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Close encounter with black bear in northern Minnesota

"Holy Schnikes!" Alexander Aman said when the bear rose up on his hind legs and put his paws on the window.
Credit: Alexander Aman of Everlasting Ranch
A bear in northern Minnesota bear wakes up after a long winter and smells something delightful in a man's car on May 1.

REDBY, Minn — A black bear in northern Minnesota smelled something enticing inside the trunk of a man's car Monday evening and decided to get a closer whiff.

Alexander Aman, a wildlife biologist and federally-licensed drone pilot, was coming back from doing his podcast on the Red Lake Reservation when he spotted the bear wandering around a remote area near Highway 1.

"It looked like it might have just got up from hibernation," Aman said.

Aman pulled his car over and started taking video of the bear that Aman called a "brown-furred" black bear.

And then things got more interesting.

You could hear in Aman's voice from casually talking to the bear at first "How's it going" to a more concerned tone of "YOLO, you don't even care huh... really... Holy Schnikes!" when the bear rose up on its hind legs and put his paws on the car window.

Aman said the bear smelled a bag of trash in the trunk of his vehicle because after the video ended the bear went immediately to the trunk.

He put his paws on the trunk and sniffed it. 

Aman said he slowly drove away and the bear rambled into the woods.

Aman is no stranger to bears in that area. He actually has been studying them for a year with a special thermal drone.

"I can count up to 10 to 20 bears in cornfields around here," said Aman.

Aman said his podcast called "Izhatwaawin" encourages the youth in the Red Lake Ojibwa community to stay connected to nature and the arts in northern Minnesota.

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