STILLWATER, Minn. — Even once this rain stops, we know the flood threat is far from over.

River levels are expected to begin rising dramatically over the next couple of weeks.

Downtown Stillwater's River Market is busy, knowing what lies ahead.

"Going well so far, monitoring the situation," said manager Andre Besette.

He says it's the talk of the town as people stock up and prepare.

"We're getting ready to volunteer with sandbagging efforts," said Besette.

Everybody is pitching in, like Joshua Tweed.

"Filling sandbags soon," said Tweed.

At Community Thread, a local nonprofit supporting volunteers, Jennifer Kmecik monitors two Facebook pages.

One of those was formed by the mayor, and now has more than 1,500 members.

"A lot of responses," said Kmecik.

People are posting how they can help with major flooding expected along the St. Croix Valley.

"Really in a holding pattern until we get to know the needs of each individual city," said Kmecik. "There will be sandbagging obviously, but there will also be administrative tasks such as handing out water bottles."

Stillwater's mayor says starting next week there will be no parking east of Water Street.

This community will be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

"St. Croix Valley is known for volunteerism and people are stepping up and people are very interested in this," said Kmecik.

The city plans to start building a 15-foot temporary flood wall next week to prepare for potential flooding.