ROBBINSDALE, Minn. - For more than 40 years, the bands, choirs and orchestras from two high schools have come together to host a Fall Music Festival.

For the past 20 years, it’s been at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.

These students are the only ones in the state that get the opportunity to take the prestigious stage.

“We have been rehearsing since day one of school this fall," said Emily Pflaum, the orchestra director.

All the students - about 550 - involved are from the Robbinsdale School District.

Some students are from Cooper.

“This is super exciting for me,” said Lizzy Smude, a senior at Cooper High.

Other students are from Armstrong.

"It’s really cool," said Joshua Choi, an Armstrong High student.

Both seniors, Choi and Smude, will be joined by other Robbinsdale students.

“We also have our 5th grade all-district choir involved," said Pflaum. "It’s so special … It’s just fantastic for them to work on a major work of music.”

“Carmina Bruana” is the masterwork these students will be performing Monday night. And for some, it’s extra special.

“When I was in 5th grade we also did Carmina Burana, so it was my first performance ever at Orchestra Hall and now it’s my last one," Smude said.

Choi said, “It’s going to be bittersweet – really great to do this performance, but at the same time on the other side it is going to be the last time I walk on this stage with this group.”

Two schools, one district. Any competition?

“We come together," Pflaum said. "So they are not Cooper and Armstrong, they are Robbinsdale District music students.”