GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — When did you start feeling comfortable about your finances? 

A study exploring the financial habits of 2,000 American Millennials found the average respondent feels or is aiming to be well-versed and comfortable in all things finance a few years into their thirties.

Many American Millennials have their "financial awakening" at the age of 33, according to new research.

The new survey, conducted by Ally Financial, uncovered how much Millennials spend in a month, what they spend on and what role retirement plays in their financial habits to date. 

The research found that the average Millennial has a hefty amount of monthly payments ($2,164.99 per month). This may explain why it's not until age 33 that they feel they will have a proper plan and financial understanding. 

This is probably why the average Millennial says they won't feel like they can live comfortably unless they were earning $53,000 annually. 

A healthy 82 percent of Millennials say they are currently saving money, but the majority of those saving (57 percent) are actually only saving through their 401(k) at work. This may be because only a third of Millennials are very confident in their financial knowledge, including taxes, investing and retirement planning. 

And if you're wondering why retirement isn't more of a priority, it's because the results say that half of Millennials fear they will never be able to retire. 

What can you do about it?

1. Get a budget

2. Run your credit report (

3. Do a Roth IRA 

4. Max out your work 401(k) plan 

5. Get a goal in place. Most have a goal to retire $4 million. 

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