GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — On Monday, we will celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his efforts to eliminate segregation and discrimination in America.

But despite years of progress, we may not be as close to equality as we think - especially in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

A new report from WalletHub ranks the two states as some of the worst in the country when it comes to racial progress and racial integration.

WalletHub measured the gap between black and white people "across 22 key indicators of equality and integration," the site said. Those include metrics such as median annual income, standardized test scores and voter turnout.

The District of Columbia was also included in the study.

According to WalletHub, the state with the most racial progress is Wyoming. Minnesota ranks 44th, while Wisconsin is 46th. The ranking "measures the levels of racial progress achieved over time," WalletHub said. 

Both Minnesota and Wisconsin were in the bottom five states when it comes to the gaps in median annual income, poverty rate and standardized test scores. 

Wisconsin was also ranked worst for the infant-mortality rate gap. 

When it comes to racial integration, Minnesota and Wisconsin were also at the bottom, sitting at 47th and 50th respectively. 

The study not only showed the gaps between black and white people in each state, but also which states have had the highest or lowest change in that gap.

To determine these rankings, WalletHub looked at all 50 states and the District of Columbia across four main categories:

  1. Employment and wealth
  2. Education
  3. Social and civic engagement
  4. Health

WalletHub then looked at 22 metrics within those four categories. For a full list of those stats, and where Minnesota and Wisconsin rank in every category, you can find the study here. 

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